expensive and bad for the environment, and sometimes someone responds with, “Wrong, you can actually buy reusable pods,” which has always piqued my curiosity. If these valuable pods are somewhat usable and you can make your own copy into a pod machine, it undermines the entire pods are a bad argument in some ways, so I purchased one and began experimenting before we go further. I want to clarify that this is not a place where people are snobby or elitist about people who drink Nespresso. I believe people should drink whatever kind of coffee they enjoy, and if they can afford an espresso system or a ramble, that’s fantastic. If they can afford a Marzocco, that’s also fantastic. With that out of the way, let’s get started. I did a lot of research into these and discovered that there is unquestionably the best kind of these reusable pods, which is the Nespresso system.

I drink my espresso using a $5,000 system, but I do not judge people who drink Nespresso if they like that, so probably neither should you. those that have a sticker on top I’ll keep the link to the identical set I’ve been using. here are not entirely unexpected given how closely these ones with the sticker resemble the original this Nespresso stop, so the main query you’re likely asking is

can you put your own copy into an espresso system and get good coffee for cheaper and be able to use whatever coffee you want?

the answer is definitely yes, but there are a few things you should know before you run out and purchase one of these because they’re not quite as simple as they might seem even though these are still using a pod system now that you’re introducing your own coffee and your dosing the coffee into or yourself there is going to be somewhat of dialing in the process less so than the full-pledged espresso machine but you do still have to do some tweaking and here’s what to do. what that appears to be The first step is to determine what types of coffee you can and cannot use in these pods, and like any pressing machine, you’re going to need something that is ground for espresso. Although these might seem like pressurized baskets, there is actually some dialing-in necessary to get these to work properly. Using an espresso grind is a great place to start if you’re buying Greek ground, but if you’re grinding your own coffee, you’ll still need to have good quality or a decaff.

The other thing to note is that these are slightly smaller or at least shorter than the original Nespresso capsules. This is because it doesn’t want to damage the blade that would typically puncture the bottom of these, which leaves big chunks and little chunks that won’t function in these. That indicates that the original espresso fits about 5:00 inside these reusable pods, whereas only about 4 grams do so. It’s nothing major, just something to be aware of. Speaking of coffee numbers, placing grams of coffee in this will cost you approximately $0.20, but an espresso pod typically costs between $0.80 and $1. If you’re talking about cost reductions, that’s where you’re looking at.

let me show you how I prep one of these to get a good shot out of the espresso one by one.

 pauses hold around 4 grams now you’re not gonna need to use a scale or anything I wouldn’t be that precise because you’re gonna be packing this kind of nice and tightness of very small space the dosing tends to be relatively consistent So what I like to do is form a bit of a funnel with my fingers and then simply pour the coffee in until it gets right up to the top so once it’s full like that we’re going to want to give it one tank now the tamping pressure you use is not going to be an espresso tamping pressure not looking to get you to know 10 or 20 kilograms of pressure we are just compacting this in altitude give that much force with this little plastic spoon that comes with it anyways Read more here

so once you tap it you can see that we’re probably about 2/3 of the way full so we’re gonna want to again fill it up to the rim and then tamp it down again and on that second amp there should probably be a couple of millimeters of space between the top of the bed and where that cover is going to go now I think this is one of the big parts that a lot of people get frustrated and why you see some negative reviews about this user fillable pause are ’cause people don’t do this process they just dump some coffee in seal it up and throw it in the machine and from my experience I simply do not work so if you get the right kind of coffee you dose it incorrectly and you tamp it decently then you’re going to get some reasonable shots so of course the last 

step is to simply cover up with one of these stickers this pack that I linked to comes with a hundred of these to start with another misconception that I see is they say to put a rubber gasket at the top of this basket and they don’t mean the top lip what they’re actually referring to is on the bottom here that rubber gasket is around the bottom so that’s where that rubber needs to be not on the top and make sure that it’s nice and sealed all the way around the outside and there you have it you’re all ready to go so now that you have the pot prepped you’re ready to make some coffee and one of the big advantages that I found out using your own coffee because it is so much cheaper you can use more traditional ratios with the standard Nespresso pods from that 5 grams of coffee they’re pulling anywhere from 60 to 70 even more sometimes grams of liquid which is a very long shot and in my opinion that leads to slightly bitter and over extracted shots when you’re using your own coffee can use a more traditional ratio and pull two back to back you’re still home spending about half the cost of this nespreso pod and what you end up getting is a off and better tasting stronger cup of coffee is it a typical espresso no it is still a very long ratio however it is better so well I put one of these in turn session on you put it in just like any other pod drop it in there you might notice a bit of resistance as you close it down but here we go

 so I’m actually going to use a scale yes I understand the irony of using a $300 scale on an espresso machine but we’re gonna do it anyways because what I found is that pulling 35 grams out of that four grams is a good balance between having it properly extracted but not sacrificing too much strike yes 4 to 35 is still a very long ratio but that’s the game you play with this nespresso it is not really a traditional espresso it’s more of a coffee shot than you will all right so let’s tear this and let’s pull our first shot there we go it looks identical to any of the other pods keep in mind it is possible to choke this machine if you packed to tightly so again after playing around they have to do 20 grams you can actually see on that one I’ve kind of choked it towards the end so that’s trickling to  35 grams it was if anything actually a little bit slow which is something you don’t often see on in this nespreso machine again kind of cool to be using your own pods so I’ve got 35 grams in this  now all I’m gonna do his dump that first thought and put in my second I’m glad i got quite a dark trap I’m coming out of start to maybe a bit of inconsistency there 50 grams Calvin here a bit of creaking that you don’t normally get from this pressing machine I think it’s building a bit more pressure with these custom bots I must stop that there so that’s creeping up towards 70 grams so now we have a stronger shot and not only do we have a stronger shot we but better extracted shot and most importantly I’ve used the copy of my choice I often you can shop it here


notice using these pods you often get a darker cream on the top again it’s kind of a fake crema because it’s using a pressurizing system that’s often a little bit darker than even the stock pause which is interesting taste wise is it espresso nothing like I was saying it is a coffee shot just like any of the other espresso pods but I found with the ability to tweak I can get better shots out of these custom pods again or less money with the coffee I want and that’s really it I think that these user filled will pods are actually a very successful product where you start to see some negative reviews I think is where people don’t have experience with espresso machines and I think they can just dump in some coffee seal it up and put it in their machine and there really is a bit more to it than that you have to get the right grind you have to put the right amount and you do have to tamp it you have your own grinder you have to make sure to tweak the grind setting accordingly it is a little bit of dialing and not the amount of bullet threshing machine but you do have to be willing to tinker a little

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