For the coffee lovers out there, drinking the same coffee can get boring sometimes. And to spice things up, Nespresso gives you different and exciting ways to experience your coffee. Depending on your preference, time of the day, and occasion, you might want to add some variety to your coffee. And Nespresso offers just that through its varied range of capsules, which can be made in a range of different ways. So here is a list of MUST TRY Nespresso coffee recipes.

1. Ristretto cappuccono

Ristretto is derived from an Italian, which means “to restrict”.Ristretto is a blend of arabica coffee from Central and South America high-grown washed and naturally processed. The dark, intense roast and fine grind develop the dense body and iconic thick coffee crema of these Latin American coffees. Ristretto is a full-bodied Arabica coffee blend with an intense roast tone. But through that intensity, you’ll taste the deep cocoa and woody notes that linger long in this Nespresso pro capsule. Ristretto has a quite high coffee intensity (9) in that it uses less water than your usual espresso. It is served in a 25ml-40ml cup.

What you’ll need:

  • A Nespresso machine
  • Aeroccino milk frother
  • 80ml whole milk
  • Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano coffee capsule
  • Ground cinnamon

How to make it.

Froth your milk using your Aeroccino milk frother.

 Extract the Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano coffee capsule as a 40ml espresso into a cappuccino cup.

 Pour your frothed milk into the cup to create a fluffy texture.

 Add a spoonful of milk foam onto the top and sprinkle with ground cinnamon for a touch of sweetness.

And there, you have a ristretto cappuccino.

2. lungo:coffee latte

Lungo is Italian for “Long” and just like the name suggests, it is a coffee that takes longer than the usual time for other coffees. The standard time for most coffees on a coffee machine is 18 to 30 seconds to fill up a cup of 25ml to 40ml but a lungo takes about 40 seconds to up to a minute and may fill up a serving of about 130ml. This means that the lungo has more water and because of the long extraction time, the lungo is generally more bitter. For a variety of lungo recipes, Nespresso offers you a range of lungo capsules for all kinds of coffee machines.


Envivo Lungo

It was specially designed for the morning. This dark-roasted coffee is a blend of a distinctive Arabica from India with a Robusta from Mexico. It has a high intensity of 9, making it quite potent.

Vivalto lungo

A complex yet balanced marriage between South American Arabicas cultivated at high altitude, among which “Cerrado” from Brazil, and an East African Arabica. Vivalto Lungo combines roasted and subtle floral notes. Split roasting of the beans enhances the character of each origin.

Vivalto lungo decaffeinato

Is a balanced decaffeinated coffee that perfectly preserves the complexity of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas. Its intensity is 4

Linizio lungo

Pure Arabica from South America, Linizio Lungo is a well-rounded blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee. With an intensity of 4


Extract the vivalto lungo for about 45 to 60 seconds into a recipe glass

Pour the milk into

 the Aeroccino milk frother or steam the milk with a steam nozzle

Pour the steamed milk topped with a thin layer of frothed milk on the Vivalto Lungo or Fortissio Lungo Served in a tall recipe glass.

3. espresso

Espresso is the basis of all the recipes on this list. Espresso can be made by Any Nespresso machine and has a number of different capsules.

Espresso Capsules


It is a blend of Central and South American Arabicas at a medium roast


It is composed of Arabicas from South America including Brazil, in ideal proportions, and a touch of lightly roasted Robusta.

New consist

A blend of East African, Central, and South American Arabica ground coffee.

What you’ll need to make espresso macchiato

  • A Nespresso machine
  • Volluto Coffee
  • cold milk
  • White cast sugar
  • Chocolate flakes

How to make it

Prepare some milk froth using the Aeroccino milk frother or the steampipe of your Nespresso machine

Prepare a capsule of Volluto Coffee in Espresso and add sugar if desired

Top the Espresso with a little frothed milk

For a milder taste, add more milk froth

Sprinkle with chocolate flakes if desired.

4. cortado

The word “cortado” comes from the word “cortar,” which is the Spanish verb meaning “to cut.” The cortado is rightly named so because the milk is meant to cut through the espresso. The cortado is a popular smaller-sized hot coffee beverage that contains espresso and warm milk. The balance between the espresso and milk is 1:1, (about half espresso, half milk). This amount of milk primarily serves to reduce the acidity of the espresso. It’s also important to note that the warm milk in the cortado is steamed, but it doesn’t have as much froth or milk foam as other Italian coffee beverages.

What you’ll need

  • A Nespresso machine
  • Corto coffee
  • Whole milk

How to make a cortado

  • Extract two shots of espresso
  • Steam your whole milk
  • Slowly pour your steamed milk into your espresso.
  • Make sure the ratio of espresso to milk is 1:1.

Some choose to even substitute milk with another option, turning a cortado into a cortado condensada or bomb on (which is espresso and condensed milk) or a Leche y Leche (which is condensed milk and cream on top).

And that’s how you make your cortado


Doppio is Italian for double, so the doppio is an espresso brew with two shots of espresso into a single serving. You can use any of the Nespresso capsules to brew your double shots when making the Doppio.

What you’ll need

  • Nespresso machine (Nespresso vertuo or vertuo plus)
  • Volluto coffee capsule

How to make it

  • Extract two shots of espresso into a mug and serve

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In conclusion, Nespresso has almost unlimited ways to make your coffee taste better. Whether you like it hot or cold, with milk or without, there’s something for everyone. With its wide variety of flavors and designers making drinks with half-caf or decaf, it’s hard to get bored with the Nespresso line.