lungo It is a coffee beverage made by using an espresso machine to make an Italian-style coffee this drink is made with more water? I will be taking you on a proper guide and how you can make lungo at your home and what is needed to make it. it’s not about having a good coffee also think about how to make lungo. we might say its a good beverage but the question still remains do you know how to make lungo if not then you are in the right place we are going to guide step by step on how to lungo

What is lungo?

A Lungo (Italian for ‘long’) is an espresso that one pulls over a longer period of time—about twice as long as a regular shot is pulled—using a little more than twice the amount of water.

A typical shot of espresso, a normale, is about 30–50 milliliters pulled over about 25–30 seconds. A Lungo comes out at somewhere around 125–150 milliliters pulled over about a minute.

Some folks confuse a Lungo with an Americano, but whereas an American is made by adding hot water to a shot (or double shot) of espresso to make a full-size “cup” of coffee (130–150 ml), a Lungo is fully brewed. No extra water is added to the pulled beverage

A lungo is characteristically less strong, and more bitter than a traditional espresso or doppio. Traditional espresso is between 25–60 ml with an extraction time of 17–30 seconds while a lungo extracts up to a minute amounting to about 130–170 ml. It may be possible to pull a regular shot between 17–30 seconds and add that espresso to equal parts hot water, which makes for a smoother taste, so avoiding a bitter watery over-extracted one. the lungo is generally shorter than an Americano or a long black

A lungo gets a longer extraction time, lungo is the Italian word for long. The barista just waits longer to shut off the machine so there is more (about double the amount) water running through the coffee and more liquid ends up in the cup. It’s a slightly more bitter but less intense brew than an espresso.

On the other end, there’s the ristretto (reduced), where less water runs through the machine. It has an even more intense taste.

All three of them (normal espresso, lungo, ristretto) use the same amount of coffee, though for ristretto you might want to adjust how fine you grind it.

If you want more liquid but the same taste as a normal espresso a doppio is what you want. Larger portafilter, double the amount of ground coffee, same extraction time, two cups next to each other. Regular espresso shots are usually an ounce, while a lungo shot can be anywhere between 1 ½ ounce to 2 ounces.

The amount of caffeine in a lungo

Caffeine is naturally found in some extremely popular foods, such as chocolate, coffee, or tea. Coffee drinkers in particular know about its stimulating effect and appreciate caffeine for its many positive properties

Lungo setting on machine for all the pods. Is there less caffeine in them than the espresso or ristretto settings? It seems that this has to be the case with more water diluting it.
The many questions are What exactly is the caffeine content of the various coffee specialties in lungo  Lungo has a beverage volume of 110 ml with a coffee quantity of approx. 5.5 g. The caffeine content is 65 mg with an extraction time of 30 to 50 seconds


1Nespresso machine

This tool will be needed for you to make the perfect lungo it is one of the most authentic tools for lungo but in case you don’t have the Nespresso worry not you can also use an espresso machine which will give similar results.

2. Coffee grinder

The coffee grinder you can use only if your machine comes with one but if not you look for one to be in your kitchen.

3. Whole coffee bean

take the coffee beans and grind them when making the drink for the best result if you won’t want you can go for any coffee you may like.

4 . Filtered water

Make sure that you use the good quality water to make your coffee good its important to do


ingredients, instructions and recipe.

  • tamp your portafilter with finely ground coffee.
  • Put 1-2 shots of lungo.
    Wait and Let the water run longer than you would for an espresso.

NOTE: The amount of a drink needs to be a lungo so the easiest way to pull a lungo shot is to let your espresso shot go a few seconds longer than you normally would. The lungo just needs to be bigger than an espresso shot.


  • scale is always recommended, but you can easily eyeball a lungo shot so that there’s more in the cup than a shot of espresso. If you’re used to pulling a shot for 25 seconds, see what happens when you pull that same shot for 30-35 seconds. 
  • looking for the complexity of espresso but want something to sip on for more than two sips, a lungo shot might be a good middle ground between espresso
  • You can add steamed milk to a lungo to make a latte or cappuccino using a lungo shot.
How to Make a Lungo

There are so many ways to make lungo here you learn the easy and quick way to make your nicest lungo and not only that we will also guide you on how you can make it at your home using Nespresso or espresso machine


  • Filtered water
  • 15-18 grams of ground coffee beans


  • Remove the portafilter from the espresso machine and run the water through the group head to remove any leftover coffee grounds.
  • Grind and fill the dry portafilter with finely ground coffee.
  • Level and a tamp-filled portafilter. Clean loose ground coffee of the portafilter.
  • Put portafilter into the group head and pull lungo shots.
  • There should be more water in a lungo shot so pull a longer shot than you would an espresso. The drink should be between 1 ½ – 2 ounces.
  • Place cup under the portafilter.
  • After pulling shots of lungo, remove the portafilter and flush the group head

It is good you have gone through the article and hope you now know how to make the perfect cup of lungo and you know know what is needed to make it .looking at how you can make we also covered how much caffeine you find in lungo

The real coffee lover must know that Caffeine is naturally found in some extremely popular foods such as coffee. so we took it simple by helping you know how much caffeine is found in lungo hoping the this has helped you thank you. Click here for more


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